Jun 6, 2014

DIY electric coffee maker and cold brew machine made with help of 3d printing

Here is a cool DIY project that guides you step-by-step in making your own fully functional electric coffee maker. I LOVE COFFEE!

It uses 3d printed parts as external structure and for lost PLA casting of aluminum parts. Hey, no one said it will be easy: if you want to do it yourself you will need to melt and cast aluminum. Stay safe kids.

Detailed instructions how to put it together are at:


All the files can be found at:


To learn more about lost PLA aluminum casting take a look at:


Detailed video guide: http://diy3dprinting.blogspot.com/2013/05/3d-printing-and-metal-casting-tutorial.html

You can also make a much simpler non.electric drip cold brew setup developed by Jonathan Odom:

Here is the guide for DIY cold brew coffee maker: