Jun 29, 2014

3D Weaver loom makes woven structures from cotton, wool, paper and silicone

3D Weaver is weaving machine that layers natural fibers including cotton, wool, paper, and then binds them with silicone to maintain the structure, material / spatial properties in three dimensions. It is basically 3d loom with advanced yarn materials fed through two tubes and wrapped around a grid of vertical poles. Woven 3d structures can be used for many purposes ranging from shoe soles to custom high level packaging.

It was developed and constructed by Nigerian American designer Oluwaseyi Sosanya for his The Structure of Protection graduate project. He has a patent pending on this technology.

3d Weaver project homepage:

3d waved shoe soles. Source: Dezeen 

Woven 3d matrix structure.  Source: Dezeen 

3D Weaver additive manufacturing DIY loom. You can see the layering frame and spools of material.