Jun 19, 2014

3d Bioprinting introduction, possibilities, problems and current state of technology

All you wanted to know about bioprinting and 3d printing with living cells summarized in 20 minute video. Must-watch if you are interested in the topic. Wei gives great overview of the field and current state of bioprinting technology which is truly amazing with incredible future possibilities (and problems to be solved).

Speaker: Prof. Wei Sun, Tsinghua University / Xin Innovation Workshop,

Presentation held at Tel Aviv University, 19 - 20.5.2014.

I found presentation by Prof. Wei Sun in PDF format similar to the one in the video which is great reference material on bioprinting:

Conclusions are important and probably there are many scientists working on it right now:

In future we need the following to ensure 3d printed organs:
  • A new generation of biomaterials - Bio-Ink: go with cells (structure as cell delivery medium), grow with cells (support as cell ECM) and function with cells (as biomolecules); 
  • Developmental Engineering (vs. Developmental Biology) to fill the biological knowledge gap; 
  • Bio-3DP manufacturing tools: viable, reliable and reproducible, and capable of making heterogeneous structures; 
  • 4-D 3DP model: embedded time into Bio-3DP model: printing Stem Cells with control released molecules for complex tissues, Organs, Cellular Machines and Human-on-a-Chip devices