May 18, 2014

UFIDS open source filament tracking and management system for 3d print materials

UFIDS, Universal Filament Identification System, is interesting project to develop a open source platform to tag, track and identify 3d printer filament in machine-readable formats to eliminate the waste and uncertainty.

The project consists of three parts: a cartridge that will interface directly with the 3d printer, a QR code placed on the spool, and a web page for interpreting the machine code and making QR codes.

Basically producers can define their filament and mark it with QR code and it will be automatically imported into printing settings. No more "unknown" or "unidentifiable" materials.
It is still under development but I can see that it could be very useful and could be one of the major standards of the industry.
Project homepage:

GitHub repository:

UFIDS web interface where you can setup all the filament parameters and get QR and slicer codes generated