May 27, 2014

Robo 3d R2 printer with Titan controller and Makable marketplace

Robo 3D announced their new flagship, the R2 which will be available for pre-order this summer.

Robo 3D R2

R2 technical specifications:
  • 10 x 10 x 10 inch build volume that is 40% larger than one on the Robo 3D R1
  • Equipped with dual nozzle and are therefore able to print with two different colors / materials combinations.
  • Metal hotends for multimaterial
  • Wifi enabled using the new Robo 3D Titan electronics board
  • Automatic leveling mechanism
  • R2 Rapid Speed Technology
  • LEDs
  • Teeter mechanism for ooze and knock prevention when extruding materials
  • Carbon filter to ensure safe, non-toxic 3D printing
  • Heated removable build plate
  • Nearly fully enclosed build chamber to get stabilized temperatures
  • Optimized software to get your printing quicker and easier
  • Price: unknown

R2 will be controlled with new Titan board:

Titan tech specs:
  • Power up to 25amps with 24volts = 600 watts
  • On board SD Card Port
  • Triple extruder capabilities or Dual Z drivers and Dual extruders
  • 10 fans for optimal cooling of hot ends, motors and prints
  • On board rocker switch to turn printer on and off with flick of a switch
  • On board thermistor with fan control for active Titan cooling
  • 2 RGB LED ports for lighting up your 3D printer
  • Use up to 6 motor drivers
  • Users the popular Arduino MEGA 2560 - works with Marlin, Sprinter, & Repetier Firmware

As many other 3d printer manufacturers, Robo 3d developed Makable marketplace to be the main space for getting models for their printers:

Looking good Robo 3D!