May 21, 2014

ResinRack simple and useful accessory for your Form 1

There are many accessories for filament printers, but what can you get for your SLA machine? Here is nice useful simple innovation: the resin rack.

From the product description:
Designed to be the ultimate accessory to the Formlabs FORM 1 3D Printer, ResinRack is a UV light protected enclosure that allows you to safely store and protect up to 3 FORM 1 liquid resin trays at once.
Made from durable acrylic glass, ResinRack allows you to easily swap resin colors without the need to empty and clean your resin tray between each color change, saving you time, effort, and more importantly: resin.
As 3D printers, we designed and built ResinRack to scratch our own itch. We couldn't be happier with the result, and we know you'll feel the same.

Product Dimensions:
-8.25” Width
-6.75” Height
-7.75” Depth

Maybe the price is little to high but you can decide on your own if it is worth it.

You can get it on Etsy: