May 28, 2014

QU-BD One Up 200$ 3d printer from Arkansas

QU-BD One Up is one of the most affordable 3d printers sold and DELIVERED. Maybe even the most affordable on with price of 199 $. It is produced by Quintessential Universal Building Device, Inc. from Little Rock, Arkansas.
It is an interesting little low cost device and I'll look into it more in the future.

One Up Specs :
  • Minimum Layer Height: 50 Microns (Lower is Better)
  • Frame Material: Black Melamine MDF
  • Max Travel: Approximately 100x100x125mm
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 150mm/s
  • Maximum Print Speed: 100mm/s
  • Bed Material: Melamine Faced MDF (or Basalt)
  • Heated Bed: No, electronics support it so it can be added later
  • Linear Motion Type: X/Y Belts and Linear Bearings | Z Precision ACME Screws / Linear Bearings
  • X-Motor: NEMA 17 Motors w/ Up To 16x Microstepping
  • Y-Motor: NEMA 17 Motors w/ Up To 16x Microstepping
  • Z-Motor: NEMA 17 Motors w/ Up To 16x Microstepping
  • Electronics: Printrboard Electronics
  • Firmware: Marlin
  • Extruder: anUBIS w/ PTFE Liner
  • Filament: 1.75mm PLA, HIPS, Carbon PLA, Laywood (with optional heated bed upgrade it gets support for ABS)
There is also a version in acrylic which is little bit more expensive.

QU-BD got almost half a million dollar of funding on their Kickstarter campaign (they asked only for ten thousand): 

One Up homepage:

QU-BD has wide variety of machines, one of the most interesting is this hybrid CNC with high power: