May 14, 2014

Printrbot shows their first desktop CNC router! Update: CNC Beta 01 presented

This is a big surprise and big news for the scene! Printrbot is expanding into desktop CNC market with this preview of their router. We want more information!
Developing machine like this is logical step since there are many similarities with their core 3d printer products.

From video description:
Printrbot Founder and CEO Brook Drumm was on hand at MakerCon today to reveal a beta of the upcoming Printrbot CNC router. While it's targeted as a tool for beginner CNC'ers, the machine is quite capable for maker-pros alike. It can cut wood, plastic and aluminum at "respectable speeds," according to Brook.

Source: MAKE


Brook just presented their CNC machine that will be able to cut metal. The name of limited production machine is CNC Beta 01 which will be produced in 20 units series only and will be priced at 1499 USD. It has an unique z xis movement where the entire gantry changes the high.

I think we will see more and more DIY CNC machines as digital fabrication and home manufacturing grows further ....