May 28, 2014

OpenExposer low cost open source SLA 3d printer

Mario Lukas developed OpenExposer, low cost open source SLA 3d printer. OpenExposer is much more than just a 3d printer, it can also be used as UV PCB exposer, laser harp or show laser. It will have different modules for different uses.

Mario writes in project comments:
"The main focus of the OpenExposer Project is on the little red box which should contain all electronic and optical parts. This box should be clampable to different modules. The 3D printer which i am building currently is only one of those clampable modules. For PCB etching i am planing to design a module which works like a laminator."
The frame is made from standard RepRap rods and parts. The main part of 3D printer system is a small slit cut into the bed, and a build platform that moves in the Z axis. The bed contains a  UV laser and a polygon mirror recycled from a junk laser printer. By moving the bed in the Y direction, laser can be targeted anywhere on an X-Y plane. By adding a tank filled with UV curing resin on the bed there is a complete SLA printer.

It is currently still under heavy development but it looks very promising. There will be many problems to solve like varying focal length laser traces the arc from the polygon mirror since laser printers use a specialized type of lens to insure the focus is consistent, allowing a consistent spot size over the entire sweep of the beam.

Mani features:
  • unit for multiple laser exposing processes 
  • Arduino compatible 
  • low cost (standard laser printer) parts 
  • case parts lasercut or 3d printable 
  • up to 2 stepper motors can be connected 
  • additional I/O ports for custom extensions 
  • simple protocol 
  • extendable host software 
Project homepage with more details, build log and development updates:

OpenExposer GitHub repository:

The "Red Box" with SLA module. There are different modules planed like the one for PCB etching. 

First test SLA print results of OpenExposer

Update (20.8.2014.):

Here is OpenExposer shown as working SLA 3d printer and its software tool chain: