May 26, 2014

No, it is not a fruit 3d printer!

Hype machine is in action again with this "fruit 3d printer" contraption. Let us give some perspective to this:

  1. It doesn't print actual fruit
  2. Only "fruit" "printed" is a "raspberry" or to be more blunt, probably the only shape you can get from tiny spheres is raspberry. It is not even convincing raspberry. 
  3. It prints with tiny spheres of fruit paste or puree
  4. All the parts of the machine look as made from technology that exist for some time and it is open sourced (any 3d printer + syringe extruder like Cellstuder)

From the source:
Cambridge design company Dovetailed is today launching its 3D fruit printer, creating ‘fruit’ you can eat.
The company, which is working with Microsoft in Cambridge, says it takes just seconds to print an apple or a pear, or any other type of fruit.
The printer uses a molecular-gastronomy technique called spherification. It combines individual liquid droplets with different flavours into a fruit shape.
It is aimed at chefs, foodies and anyone interested in making creative dining experiences. No specialist knowledge of cuisine or molecular-gastronomy is required, and, the fruit produced is all organic.
On of the commentators got the point of the technology with the touch of sarcasm (aka. in the correct way):
"So you basically have to load it with apple in order to print an apple? Ingenious!"
The technology could be very useful for some specific purposes and niche markets but no one benefits from the marketing hype.

Source article with more information:

Here is the company page:

Fruit 3d printer. Nothing spectacular here. 

You can see the "3d printed fruit" on the spoon here. I've seen some fruit before, this doesn't look like it ...


Here is the video of Dovetailed "fruit 3d printer" in action. It still doesn't look like anything near fruit printing.