May 21, 2014

No, it is not first Croatian 3d printer!

Most of the big news blogs on 3d printing scene published a news article about "first Croatian 3d printer" and it was all over our local news portals as major technology breakthrough news.
When I first saw it on TV my reaction was:


Judge for yourself:

Forcebook UltraPrint 3D printer by HG Spot aka. Myriwell 3d printer

One Croatian commentator (yes, you Čop) wrote:
It's not "similar" to the Chinese printer. It is the very same Chinese printer. But for 120 Euro more. This is hardly newsworthy, and being from Croatia I strongly resent this being published in the context of "first Croatian printer" there's nothing first nor Croatian about this. Just a company reselling Chinese stuff at a higher price, trying to rip off people with a crappy printer while the hype is still on.
This is a great summary of the whole situation.

Now, our local Croatian media are not known for their investigative work, they basically take any PR statement and broadcast it so I didn't expect more for them. I also didn't expect any better from HG Spot. I'm just a little sad that there are no competitors in Croatia and that the our public TV isn't promoting DIY culture more.
And I'm disappointed that we are still just sinking deeper in economic crisis as a country and this is not a type of behavior that will help us.

Croatia does have small but vibrant DIY and 3d print community which I hope will grow more in the future and educate more people. Maybe even produce truly first Croatian 3d printer.