May 9, 2014

MakerPLATE 3d print platform for precise printing on various acrylic plates

MakerPLATE is interesting design of adjustable precise build plate that can hold different types and shapes of acrylic surfaces as base of 3d printed object.

  • Available for Makerbot Replicator 2.
  • Super-flat aluminum plate, machined, anodized, and laser etched
  • Snaps in place as a replacement for the standard build plate
  • Holds objects up to 125 x 250mm. (5" x 9.8")
  • 12 available slots for sliding hold clips
  • Comes with hold clips, leveling piece, washers, nuts, screws, and wrench
  • Also comes with a variety of acrylic plates to print on
  • Price: 89 USD