May 6, 2014

Low cost DIY print platform made from iPad replacement glass

User cvbrg  on Instructables made a detailed guide how to use iPad replacement glass as 3d printer build plate. It is cheap and has all the properties needed for good build plate. Simple glass or mirror will degrade and probably brake after time due to thermal stress, so advanced glasses for tablets like "Gorilla glass" could be much better choice.

As cvbrg noted this type of glass has following properties:
  • Thin, yet flexible tempered glass
  • Scratch-proof (scratch-resistant, it can be scratched with diamond or tungsten carbide tip scribers)
  • Great thermal conductivity (for uniform heat distribution)
  • Very low thermal expansion/distortion (at the usual printing temperatures of 110-120C)
  • Resistant to pretty much all solvents (Acetone safe)
  • Pretty cheap (around $15 on Amazon)
  • Not too hard to hack it into a build plate (see instructions)
You will need to remove touch electronics and plastics which is simple to do.

Detailed guide: