May 22, 2014

How to upgrade RepRapPro Huxley with "Fanned Up" modifications

Four university students (Aaron, Ananda, Matt & Michael) created an upgrade kit and guide for RepRapPro Huxley model. The upgrade includes: laser cut frame is in 6mm MDF, z axis bracket, fan upgrades and maintenance guide.

They also summarized the maintenance needed for Huxley model:
  • Use acetone based cleaning solution (nail polish remover will work) to wipe the bed, ensure it is not heated.
  • Ensure rear fans are clear of cable obstruction.
  • When feeding filament ensure it has a pointed end, this will help its feeding into the hot-end and extruder.
  • Ensure the y axis linear rods are in place in the supports.
  • Ensure that the nut holding the x axis idler is finger tight.
  • Run the printer fans for no less than 3 minutes before print to ensure smooth operation.
  • All the daily checks plus:
  • Ensure all the nuts are tight (there are 48 of them).
  • Check that all 6 bearings are in place.
  • All the Daily and Weekly checks plus:
  • Cleaning the nozzle: Raise the z axis 50mm from home and the hot-end to 200 through 'Pronterface'. Clean the nozzle of any excess material using a wooden spatula or knife **CAUTION** THIS MUST BE DONE WITH EXTREME CAUTION, the hot-end is at up to 250 degrees C!
  • Check belt tension on x and y axis. (refer to assembly instructions)
  • Check that all five steppers are firmly attached to the frame/supports.
  • Tighten the U brackets connecting the z axis motors to the threaded rods.
  • Check end stops for wear.
  • Grease linear rods x6 with WD-40 or similar lubricant.
  • The electric connectors and screws should be checked for tightness.
  • Check bed wires for integrity replace if worn.

Here is Instructables page with all the details:

Thingiverse page (not public at the moment):