May 21, 2014

Hot to build DIY Delta from junk matrix printers and a scanner

This homemade Delta  was built by Hesam with parts from old paper dot matrix printers and scanner. Frame is made from 16mm MDF board. MDF and some steel parts are cut on CNC but there are no 3d printed parts. It is controlled by Arduino Leonardo.

Primary design guidelines were:
  • Build volume: 200x200x200 mm
  • Footprint: 600x650 mm
  • Print surface: 200x200 mm heated glass which never moves.
  • Mass of end effector with hotend: less than 600 grams.
  • Positioning speed: up to 80 mm/s in all 3 directions.
  • Positioning accuracy: at least 10 steps/mm in all 3 directions.
  • Simplicity and use of recycled parts
  • Hardware cost: less than 400 USD.

Sliders were made three Epson LQ 2170 dot matrix printers bought from scrapyard for less than 20$

Heated build platform made from Epson flatbed scanner and heating element which can heat it up to 120 C and is controlled by thermostat

Detailed guide and files to CNC cut the wooden frame:

Here is first post about 3d printer made from old inkjet printer and scrap scanner:

For another wood frame ultra low cost Delta with NO cnc cut or 3d printed parts take a look at:

or look at: (detailed guide focused on printer made from salvaged inkjet parts with DC motors)