May 4, 2014

FLX.ARM.S16 multitool low cost SCARA robot that can 3d print

FLX.ARM.S16 is industrial grade multitool SCARA motion robot that can 3d print, cnc mill, pick - place, dispense and probe.
This machine is industrial or laboratory grade tool priced at some 2000 USD which is in range of current DIY 3d printers. Similar tools at that market segment sell in 10-40 000 USD range. One can conclude that the quality is increasing, prices ar decreasing and more high-end equipment makers are going down into "prosumer" segment. This is also a part of digital fabrication and distributed manufacturing  trend where in near future you could see small robotic manufacturing cells in garages and micro companies.
It is made by Flux Integration LLC from Biddeford, Maine, USA.

Technical specifications:
  • Motion Control and Simulation: FLX.IDE
  • Motion Control Hardware Interface: FLX.CTL
  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Power: 100-120 VAC - 6 A 50/60 Hz or 200-240 VAC - 3 A 50/60 Hz
  • Motors: Hybrid Stepper
  • Reach: 16" [406.40 mm]
  • Shoulder Joint Range: +/- 180 degrees
  • Elbow Joint Range: +/- 155 degrees
  • Angular Speed: 360 degrees/s (1)
  • Linear Speed: ~ 3 ft/s [1 m/s] (1)
  • Repeatability: 0.001" [0.025 mm] (1)
  • Payload: 10 lbs [4.50 kg]
  • Material: Aluminum - Stainless Steel - UMHW - ABS
  • Weight: 15 lbs [6.80 kg]
  • Environmental IP50 Rating

FLX.ARM.S16 robot

FLX.ARM.S16 replaceable tool heads


Flux Integration has just successfully crowd-funded the low-cost version: the FLX.ARM.S16.Z8. They raised $82,905 out of $50,000 goal. I'm not sure what are the differences between models if any exist.

Here are the technical specifications:

Here is the work area compared to other commercially available 3d printers: