May 14, 2014

FlexyDualie open source dual extruder for printing in hard and flexible materials

James Bruton from XRobots made this review and demonstration of new open source extruder from Aleph Objects creators of Lulzbot. FlexyDualie enables you to print with two different types of filament, one rigid and one flexible (NinjaFlex in this case).

He shows properties of objects printed in flexible and hard materials and software setup needed to get the dual material printing possible.

He uses Autodesk123D Design for the featured objects,  which is free software. Each piece is exported as as separate STL and then the "combine multi-material STL" function is used in Slic3r to generate the g-code to drive the FlexyDualie.

His site with more details:

Here is Aleph Objects site with all the data if you want to build it yourself: (looks like this link is not working)


FlexyDualie extruder

Hard rims with soft wheel, uni-directional flexible joint and tank track


James shows Alien 3d printed costume hand made with this technique here: