May 26, 2014

AstroPrint wireless 3D printing platform by 3Dagogo

From the people who brought you 3Dagogo comes AstroPrint wireless 3d printing control platform. They are on Kickstarter now and managed to get funded in on day.

You can see their full campaign here:

Here is the summary:
AstroPrint allows you to use any smartphone or tablet as a beautiful and effective 3D printer interface. In addition, we built it to reduce failed prints by offering cloud based slicing that gets smarter over time.
What is AstroPrint?
AstroPrint is a software platform that performs all the functions of your favorite printer controllers and slicers, but with some huge benefits:
  • Wireless Printing - your printer is now wifi enabled!
  • Access from Anywhere - print from your local network or the internet.
  • Beautiful Interface - UI design is incredibly important to us...
  • Cloud Slicing - updates and optimizations are automatic.
  • Slicing Intelligence - recommended settings improve over time.
  • Camera Support - live viewing online & auto updates via text or email.
  • Online File Storage - access your files anywhere, anytime.
  • No Maintenance - self updating.
The AstroPrint platform consists of two parts that operate seamlessly together:
The AstroBox™ allows you to connect to, and control, your 3D printer over wifi from phones, computers, and tablets. The AstroBox can be used standalone, or in conjunction with our free online cloud slicing and file storage services at slices, organizes, and stores your designs in the cloud. In addition, through, you can connect to your AstroBox to control your printer.
Who is it for?
  • Beginners to 3D Printing - AstroPrint makes your 3D printer a 1-click-print device. AstroPrint will automagically set the most ideal settings for each of your prints, reducing your failed prints. This is based on your printer and filament manufacturer's suggested settings as well as our expert experience.
  • 3D Printing Power-Users - Let's face it, sometimes you want to twerk every setting in Slic3r, but most of the time you want something super simple, right? AstroPrint has a simple interface, but gives you easy access to every advanced setting you could desire. Also, we organize your gcodes in relation to the STL's they were sliced from. This lets you print hassle free from anywhere, anytime.
How does it work?
Simply plug your printer's USB cable into the AstroBox, connect to the 'AstroBox Wifi' network, and the box does the rest.
Instead of using Repetier Host or Pronterface to control your printer, you can now use AstroPrint straight from your phone, tablet, or computer.
So, what if the internet goes down, you ask? No worries, the box creates its own local wifi network. Using this network you can still control your printer through the AstroBox! Also, your print will not fail because of internet issues. The AstroBox automatically stores your gcode. Once the print begins, it will not need any connection to the internet, wifi, tablet, computer, or phone to proceed normally through the printing process.

When connected to the internet, the AstroBox uses your free account to slice, store/retrieve, and organize your files.
The AstroBox can automatically create and manage this account for you, or you can link your box to an existing account if you have already created one.
Another great feature of is that you can connect to your AstroBox (and therefore, your printer) from anywhere you have internet access. This allows you to check up on your printer, see a live report of your print, start/stop print jobs, and more. If you have a camera installed you can even watch the print as it happens.

AstroPrint homepage:

Update (2.1.2015.):

AstroPrint is deveoped and fully functional remote 3d printer management software now. It is open source and runs on Rapberry Pi, you can conrole your machine via web interface and use cloud slicer or any of many many options.  Here is a review by Noe Ruiz of Adafruit:

You can also learn about it with full tutorial on Adafruit learning system: