May 26, 2014

3d printing with guided slew ring wire embedding

Bas de Bruijn, well known for his "pressure adjusted velocity controlled extrusion", made made this interesting wire embedding setup where a slew ring turned by a stepper motor connected to a 5th axis on the control board guides the copper wire in front of the extruder head. The wire is covered by extruded material and be shaped on a surface into various forms.

There are some obvious limitations: the wire has to be continuous, wire can not be cut, no possibility to connect the electronic components which make it unsuitable for making of electronic components. However, according to Bas,  it is quit suitable for other purposes like:
  • Coils
  • Antennas 
  • RFID / NFC antennae
  • PCB’s
  • Flexible PCB’s (FPC’s)
  • embed tubes and other filament types into plastic or other materials, like starch, organic printable stuff etc. etc.
  • Use dissolvable PVA as an intermediate to bring wire/chips into tissue
Hopefully the project will be developed further!

Here are some attempts without the guide ring and with pre-positioned and fixated wire:

Source blog post with instruction details on setting the electronics:

Don't forget Spoolhead project which tried to develop wire embedding toolhead for 3d printers:

Print results. It looks like nice small 3d printed antenna.