May 23, 2014

3d printed guns, keys, drones in MIA video (provocation for the sake of it)

This music video by MIA was probably made to be "provocative", and it has all the "bad things to make with 3d printer" cliches like 3d printed guns and key copies.
MIA is commercial artist with "bad girl" and this type of presentation is to be expected. I can already hear some politicians and moralists screaming "3d printing is a danger". No it's not. I don't even think MIAs fan base is even much interested in 3d printing.

On other hand, it would be much more interesting to see young people in poorer countries working this technology. I know some semi-literate young guys living in small rural communities in Croatia who are unemployed or working as field day-laborers building their 3d printers and using bitcoin. THAT is an interesting story.

We need less fear mongering and more knowledge ...

They don't even use real 3d printed models in the videos but plastic toy guns