May 19, 2014

3-PRING is remixing real objects with 3d printable attachments

3-PRING Product is a design by Japanese studio TAKT Project of several different 3d printable attachments and connectors that combined with everyday objects transform them and give different functionality.
From project description:
3-PRING PRODUCT is a new D.I.Y. idea proposal that can change the usage of the product,or pursue user’s own better usability by adding 3D-printed parts to ready-made products.This time we used ready-made products of MUJI as an example.
Just like ‘Sampling Techniques’ in music industry which creating a new track by quoting tracks or sounds in the past,create an original product with adding own made parts while quoting ready-made product.
In this instance, We treat a 3D printer as a music instrument that can enhance the prospect exponentially for this 'sampling' process.
With making joint parts for plastic product, or parts which utilized size that is peculiar to ready-made product by 3D printer,it expand the possibility of incubate a new kind of customizing at this 3D printer generation.
From this perspective, the products in stores are not so much completed product but semifinished product,in another words, we can retake them as a material for new creation.
This kind of changing perspective is that we wanted design through this project,
and we also think there are possibilities for new creation regarding products in intermediate region where connect between 'consumer' and 'manufacture', not a choice between the two of them.

Only problem with this project is that it's not open source. C'mon people, sharing is caring, give the files to the public!

Photos by: Masayuki Hayashi