Apr 28, 2014

ZeGo delta robot with multiple tool heads

ZeGo is multifunctional delta configuration robot with multiple tool heads. It is much more then just a 3d printer. All tools can be easily replaced via magnetic joint attachments. This delta and other hybrid multitool machines are step closer towards desktop production cell. It would be interesting feature if several machines of this type could be linked and connected with some sort of transport platform. Small robotic factory on a table ...

ZeGo can use following tools:
  • Plotter – An automatic drawing device used on paper or LCD sketchpads.
  • 3D Printer Extruder – Prints using a fused filament fabrication (FFF) technique, and PLA plastic filament heated at 185 degrees C.
  • Wood Burner – Hot end device for burning designs into various materials
  • Pick&Place – Entry level pick/place machine with forth access availability
  • Engraver/PCB Mill – for engraving PCB prototypes.
Company homepage:

Here is the Indiegogo campaign preview:

It will be on Indigogo very soon.

ZeGo delta robot


Wood burner

Engraver / PCB mill

Pick and place attachment 

3d printing extruder

Things printed on ZeGo

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