Apr 27, 2014

Why Foodini failed their Kickstarter?

Foodini food 3d printer had a Kickstarter fundraising campaign and they have not reached their funding goal. They reached $80,279 out of $100,000 goal. Why did it happen?

First let's have a look at their campaign:


foodini food 3d printer usage models and target markets

Examples of Foodini 3d printed food items for home users

Foodini in more professional culinary environment 

I think this is the main reason Foodini failed, too many steps, you have to cook and prepare ingredients yourself, load it (and probably clean it afterwords) ...  

Foodini food 3d printer technical specification

So why did it fail to reach funding goal? Here are my opinions:

  1. Too complex procedure: you have to prepare the printing paste, process the food items, maybe cook them, load them, probably clean them form the printer. Ease of use is lost there, from early presentations I thought it will come with some sort of ready cartridges. I probably misunderstood the concept
  2. Target markets: since there is no ease of use, professional chefs can do everything by hand or give the task of making those complex food decorative elements to novice staff. Professionals don't need machines, it is also linked to professional pride and craft culture. Home users don't need such a machine because they want to do-it-themselves even if the results are far worst then machine made meals. They want to own their work.

This is a big signal to Foodini team to rethink their strategy ... but that's just my two cents ...