Apr 26, 2014

Stalactite 102 HD DLP foldable 3d printer from Spain

New high definition DLP 3d printes comes from Barcelona, Spain. It also features different resin types like wax resin suitable for lost casting.

Stalactite 102 specifications:
  • Minimum layer thickness down to 25 microns (hardware can support layers as thin as 10 microns).
  • High DPI (dot per inch) density on the X/Y plane (100 microns NORMAL mode, 50 microns FINE mode).
  • High quality precision components.
  • Mechanized aluminum and laser cut steel components.
  • Innovative decoupled dual peeling system (patent pending)
  • Proprietary software with fast slicing and automatic supports.
  • Wide choice of printing materials: currently up to 4 different resins with a variety of properties.
  • Build Area: 102mm x 76,8mm x 180mm
  • It will be priced at 2.895€ (plus VAT where applicable) when available for direct pruchase 

They have also developed a palette of resins with different properties and applications:
  • STANDARD: Entry level resin. Affordable and suitable for general 3d printing needs, from figurines to maquettes or quick prototypes.
  • PROTOTYPING: A hard and thought material, aimed at print objects that require improved physical properties. It has similar properties as ABS or Nylon plastic. Ideal for electronic housings, cogs, Iphone holders
  • ELASTIC: A resin with very peculiar properties: It's elastic and flexible. This opens up a world of options for your prototypes and props!
  • WAXY: It demonstrates similar properties to investment casting waxes. Once you print your model you will be able to use the lost wax investment process and cast your designs to bronze, silver, gold or any meltable metal. This resin is particularly well suited for jewelers and miniature figurines manufacturers.
They claim their DLP technology is superior to laser based resin 3d printers because:

  • Resolution: With DLP (Direct Light Processing) we can reach feature details of 50 microns, which is a six-fold improvement compared to Laser 3d printers that are limited by the geometry of the Laser beam (pointer diameter, varying shape, focus and raster speed).
  • Build Times: The Stalactite 102 builds each layer within a constant exposure time, making the size of the object within the X/Y build area independent of the build time. It doesn't matter how many objects you fit within the build area, print times will always remain the same, depending solely on the number of layers in the Z-axis. There's no rastering time, no head or pointer movement process, as is prevalent in the FDM, Inkjet and Laser 3D printing technologies.

Stalactite is currently on Indigogo, ypu can get it at much lower price:


Stalactite 102 DLP printer, you can see the projector mounted behind 

Examples of objects printed on Stalactite HD 

Different resin types developed for Stalactite DLP 3d printer

Stalactite software