Apr 12, 2014

Rabbit advanced dual head extruder for conductive paste printing

Rabbit is project that aims to develop new type of extruder. Rabbit extruder features two printheads: one is capable of using any extrudable filament from ABS to Laywoo-D3 and the other one is a paste extruder, perfect when combined with Bare Conductive Paint.

Here is demonstration of 3d printed puzzle with embedded electronics, type of work for which the Rabbit is designed:

Rabbit extruder main page:


I was contacted on blogs facebook page with claims that the images of extruder used in this project belong to SeeMeCNC and were used without attribution by Rabbit project ...

Update 2 (29.4.2014.):

Here is a video of Rabbit Proto 3d printing a working game controller:

Update 3 (29.5.2014.):

Here is the interview with Alexandre Jais and Manal Dia of Rabbit Proto about how the system works: