Apr 4, 2014

QuadStrap low cost 3d printer with large volume and no 3d printed parts

QuadStrap is machine developed by Dr. Shauki Bagdadi, it is designed to produce other printers and therefore has no 3d printed plastic parts. It is ultra low cost with price at some 300 euro for 1 cube meter of print volume. That is very affordable!
It moves with transmission by mason cord or packing tape which further lowers the cost.

Project blog:

Very detailed building manual:

GitHub repository with project files:

QuadRap in first version

There seams to be two or more different versions, so excuse me if mixing QuadStrap and QuadRap variants ...

If you are interested in different low cost 3d printer with no 3d printed or CNC parts take a look at Delta Twister, it also has very detailed step-by-step building tutorial: