Apr 15, 2014

New 3D System ProJet 1200 prosumer 3d printer aimed at hobbyists

This is big step forward in availability of this technology to home and prosumer users. 3D Systems is entering strong into this market with this product. It is priced at 4900 USD.
This may mark a milestone in moving away from FFF printers for big companies in the field.

As you may notice, this SLA machine has a very small print volume, and it probably originated in dental / jewelry targeted printers. However, as 3D Systems, as a major player moves in this DIY segment with this technology, other big companies (such as Makerbot) will have to follow. There are definitely better SLA machines in the market for home segment, but from smaller companies. FFF 3d printers market is very saturated so DIY home SLA printers could be the next step for the entire industry.

3D Systems already entered this market segment with Projet 1000 / 1500 series, but those machines are bulky and priced over 10000 USD.

One good thing about this is tha we will probably see much cheaper and better high end SLA machines aimed ad DIY users.

Here is the Projet 1200 PDF brochure: