Apr 13, 2014

Lix - the smallest 3d drawing pen

Lix is the new 3d drawing pen with elegant aluminum body with small size. It is almost the same size as simple ball pen. It can be powered by USB port and you can carry it with you everywhere. Both ABS and PLA fulament can be used to create 3d drawings.

The pen will be launched on Kickstarter for $139.95 USD soon.

Lix vs 3Doodler (or any other 3d drawing pen currently available)

Lix 3d drawing pen technical specifications

Update (1.5.2014.):

Lix is no on Kickstarter and it is raising a LOT of money:

Update 2 (3.5.2014.):

There is an article on hackaday about can Lix actually work because USB does not provide enough power:

Update 3 (23.5.2014.):

Surprise, surprise: Lix is in problems:
LIX appears to have entered into the start of their Kickstarter campaign with an idea, and a very basic prototype. Their business plan seems to be changing and evolving based on two main factors. One is feedback from their backers, and the other is the huge demand that they have unexpectedly received for their future product.
LIX has announced that they are going to be hiring an engineering company to work on the newest prototype of the pen. The engineering firm that is being assigned to this project, will need more time in order to create a high quality product. They expect to have to redesign some of the aspects of the LIX Pen, to prepare it for mass-production.
They also changed their shipment schedule and postponed the dates ... good luck to the backers ...