Apr 11, 2014

Interview with Robo 3D CEO Braydon Moreno

Interesting interview by 3D hacker.

From video description:
Lots of fun had at the headquarters of Robo 3D in San Diego, California. After a successful Kickstarter of $650,000 (Robo 3D's first Kickstarter) they're busy injection molding parts, calibrating units, and getting their machines out the door quicker than most Kickstarters.
The Robo 3D team consists of under 30 year olds who built their 3D printer from the ground up. Many have already seen their machines crank out quality prints on the largest video blogs. Additionally, at the end of our meetup with Robo 3D, CEO Braydon Moreno touched on the near future of Robo 3D's product line, Robo 3D's desire to give back to the Open Source community, and how attracting "society at large" into 3D printing is the game changer.