Apr 12, 2014

How to make a Data Crystal 3d model from large data sets

Scott Kildall made excellent tutorial where he described in detail how you can make "data crystal" 3d printable objects to visualize or present large data sets. Data sets can be anything, he used data sets from OpenData.

This data crystal represents incidents of crime data from San Francisco

Over 35,000 data points from 3 month period. Worse crimes (e.g. kidnapping) are represented by larger cubes and less severe crimes (e.g. possession of drugs) are smaller cubes.

Detailed guide is at:

Here is video of algorithmic data clustering to produce the model:

Here are more visualization projects where 3d printing is used to present 3d objects from data:

Video tutorials on how to make 3d models from CT data for medical applications:

How to hide data in 3d printed objetc shape:

Printing molecules :

Update (29.9.2014.):

Scott has new tutorials on how to make 3d models of sewer and water systems from processed data: