Apr 9, 2014

How to 3d print with TPE thermoplastic rubber filament by Airwolf3D

TPE is "Thermoplastic elastomer" or "thermoplastic rubber" 3d printing filament. Here is a guide by Airwolf3D how to print with it, since it is more challenging that usual filaments.

Some features of TPE material are:
  • Flexible and strong
  • TPE and retains shape after much manipulation. 
  • 3D printed TPE feels much like rubber and bounces back into shape. 
  • The 3d printed part does not tear after 3 minutes of pulling and tugging
  • on the downside it can be very tricky and technically demanding to print with

More information and TPE Slicer settings download for Airwolf  machines can be found at:

TPE is flexible and rubbery