Apr 6, 2014

F-F-Fiddle 3d printable electric fiddle by David Perry

The F-F-Fiddle (pronounced eff-eff-fiddle) is a full size electric violin that can be produced using common home 3D printing equipment. Total bill of materials (BOM) cost of the instrument is currently about $250 if you print the parts yourself.
There are a few non-printable parts: the strings, a drill rod used as a truss rod, tuners and  the piezo pickups. Smooth neck parts on curved fingerboard are quite the challenging thing to optimally design and  print.
The F-F-Fiddle was designed in Autodesk's Fusion 360, and the source files are available on the Fusion 360 platform.

Project homepage with assembly instructions:

All the files:

Printed and non-printable parts of F-F-fiddle

Here you can see classical violin 3d printed on a commercial printer: