Apr 21, 2014

DIY post extrusion 3d model painting system by Kikai Labs

Kikai labs developed low cost system for painting 3d printed objects after extrusion with help of custom extruder with attached simple colored markers. It prints a layer and then paints it with the marker befor doing the next layer.

After development process they made following conclusions:
  • Multi-material printing capability is retained (PLA, ABS, PVA, Filaflex, HIPS, etc.)
  • Can print using more than 3 colors with markers, but it’s cumbersome.
  • Software: we have a colored-object slicer that works with Slic3r, yet runs external to it. 
  • Pre-extrusion approach seems limited in detail achievable and in number of colors it can apply. 
  • Purging plastic or ink quickly is a problem.
  • Painting arches, floor, overhangs: possible to do using transparent filament.

PDF presentation with more details: