Apr 22, 2014

DIY 3d printed external power supply adapter as replacement for digital camera battery

I hate proprietary batteries, non-user replaceable batteries and non-standard power supplies. Companies just change battery design on each model and sell expensive external power accessories. It is a sort of planed obsolescence and a bad business practice.

Alex wanted to use his camera for timelapse photography but the battery couldn't last for two hours. Commercial power adapter was 30 euros so he designed and printed his own external power adapter that replaces the original battery. He published the design on Thingiverse. Problem solved for everyone with
Canon Powershot SX200.

This approach could also be used to print battery adapters that use batteries of different formats. Some batteries and power supplies for older models are impossible to find and projects like this could bring some old hardware back to life or give more features to existing machines.

Source with more details:

You can find the design for power supply here:

If you are interested in time-lapse photography here is printable rotating platform project: