Apr 10, 2014

CrowdRooster - the new crowdfunding platform for DIY and maker scene

Crowdfunding is essential for development of DIY technology and CrowdRooster is new platform that focuses on it. Kickstarter and Indiegogo feature many other types of projects so this type of service could be useful to avoid  getting lost in other campaigns.

Here is what they say about themselves:
Crowdrooster is a new rewards based crowdfunding site for people who want to make and back new technology products.
How are we different?
First of all Crowdrooster is all about tech goods. That’s right, cool physical things people will want to back then own.
We’re creating the ideal crowdfunding project tools for the Maker Movement to fund their creations as well as creating a discovery hub for people that love new tech.

Here is WikiFactory interview with Patrick Hussey from CrowdRooster