Apr 19, 2014

Clone wars of 3d drawing pens: 3D YAYA, Myriwell 3D Pen and Makible Scribble vs. 3Doodler

There are several 3d drawing pens available, with 3Doodler being the market leader and several Asian clones.
3D YAYA claims it was the first 3d drawing pen on the market. They claim they shipped their product before 3Doodler. More about that claim can be found here:

Main difference between 3Doodler and 3D Yaya is that Yaya uses 1,75 mm filament vs. 3 mm filament of 3Doodler. In other aspects it is almost identical clone ...

Some of its users claim it is similar or even better then the original. It was sold cheaper then 3Doodler but at the moment I can find only that it is more pricey then 3Doodler but 3Doodler is on pre-order and unavailable since they are delivering their Kickstarter orders!?!?!?

So, if you want a 3d drawing pen now 3D Yaya looks like a viable alternative.

You can see it on Amazon when you click on widget bellow:


Some of the users say that YaYa is sold more cheaply 40-60 USD in Asia but there is is named "3Doodler".

Another competitor available on the market is Myriwell 3D Pen. Here is the review:

It is even cheaper then 3d Yaya and the reviewer writes:

This one turned out to be a nice surprise because I was not expecting this make and model because I had ordered one of the older 3Doodler clones. Nonetheless, this pen doesn't need to pause frequently to regain working temperature (like the 3Doodler does), and it feeds filament very well. It uses 1.75mm diameter ABS filament that has become the standard for fused deposition modeling 3D printing. The only issue we've seen so far is that it is difficult to print in the air as the 3Doodler can.
You can buy it here:

Here is Makible Scribble demonstrated couple a months before 3Doodler went into sales. They claim the video was made in time when 3Doodler Kickstarter begun. They also claim it features their propitiatory heating technology which makes it dangerously hot only at the small area on the tip. It looks like the Scribble never went into full marketing and sales.