Apr 1, 2014

Aluminum frame DIY 3D DLP Printer by Dan Beaven

Dan Beaven build his own DLP 3d printer. Here are the results:

Dans DLP resin printer

DLP projector and mirror

AR15 rifle rail printed on this machine with graphite powder added into resin

The printer is built out of 1″ T-slot aluminum and has a NEMA 17 motor that provides the Y-axis movement along two linear rods for the vat. The Z-axis stage uses a NEMA 23 motor and has a whopping 14″ of travel. Combined with a 104mm x 204mm build plate, this DLP can print some large size objects.
To cure the resin, he is using a 1080p DLP projector (Acer H6510BD DLP) with no modifications. To conserve space, it is mounted at a 90 degree angle, and uses a small mirror to reflect the image onto the build plate inside of the vat.
To pump the resin in and out of the vat, it is using an industrial peristaltic pump bought off the eBay, it needs to be flushed with isopropyl alcohol after each use!

Source, buildlog and much more details:

For original design by Tristram Budel with very detailed construction guide see: