Apr 29, 2014

3d printed interactive speakers by Disney Research

Disney Research is rely pushing many new inventive 3d printing technologies and projects. Looks like the next generation of toys will be 3d printed.
This is a 3d printable speaker that can reproduce hearable sound and interact with your computer by emitting a sound that human hearing can not perceive.

From video description:
Yoshio Ishiguro, Ivan Poupyrev


We propose technology for designing and manufacturing interactive 3D printed speakers. With the proposed technology, sound reproduction can easily be integrated into various objects at the design stage and little assembly is required.
The speaker can take the shape of anything from an abstract spiral to a rubber duck, opening new opportunities in product design. Furthermore, both audible sound and inaudible ultrasound can be produced with the same design, allowing for identifying and tracking 3D printed objects in space using common integrated microphones. The design of 3D printed speakers is based on electrostatic loudspeaker technology first explored in the early 1930s but not broadly applied until now. These speakers are simpler than common electromagnetic speakers, while allowing for sound reproduction at 60 dB levels with arbitrary directivity ranging from focused to omnidirectional. 
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