Apr 21, 2014

3D print surface made from carbon by GermanRepRap

Getting stuff to stick on the printbed is sometimes like voodoo magic. And it doesn't always work.
You can count on Germans to solve this problem: GermanRepRap developed carbon printbed.
It is attached it to the heat bed with provided clamps and after printing and removing the object you can attache it right back and continue printing. No more glue, juice, tape or bubbles.

It's made from carbon and you can use it and re-use it until it's mechanically broken. Carbon is THE future kids!

There are no videos or independent reviews / tests, but hopefully there will be some in the future.

The price for a 460 x 400 x 0,8 mm size plate is 99.95 EUR and 29.95 EUR for the 230 x 230 x 0,8 mm version.
Plates are made to fit x400 / Protos series of 3d printers, I wish they made them in 200 X 200 mm version also.

Product description on company page (in German):

Carbon sheets can be found on ebay with varying prices and specifications and they can be cut with simple power tools. I wander if they could be used as DIY carbon print bed ... I don't see any special technology in this ... maybe I'm wrong. Does anyone have any experiance with this?

You can also check out BuildTak that also improves sticking of models with thin advanced plastic sheet: