Mar 5, 2014

Troublemaker Ultimaker 3D printer derivative from Slovenia

Another great project from Slovenia. It is much improved derivative 3d printer derived from original Ultimaker.

Troublemaker is a derivative from the highly popular open-source 3D printer Ultimaker Original by active individuals of Drustvo Elektronikov Slovenije (hobby electronics society) designed for the members group 3D printer build lead by myself. With about 80 members very interested in having a 3D printer, we have incorporated modifications and improvements into a derivative design nicknamed Troublemaker.

The main differences from Ultimaker original are:
  • Improved enclosure design, allowing for easy heated chamber upgrade. The enclosure has been enlarged to house the bowden above print head, so only flat plexy pieces are needed to enclose it.
  • Added support to mount two extruders and reels for dual-print configuration.
  • Can support almost any printhead with a 3D printer mount, the main choice is E3D metal-only hotend, which performs very well with PLA and ABS. The use of EasyE3DMount design is suggested to mount it, the new version has magnetic mounted cooling fan for easy swapping of different fan duct designs and removing it.
  • Uses 3D printer electronics available at PlanetCNC, that is directly mounted into the front panel.
  • The design includes mostly widely available parts.
  • Belts and pulleys proposed for use are GT2, with PlanetCNC 3D printer carriage design, open belts can be used.
  • The print bead has been modified to use 3-point levelling and its sturdiness increased, however higher precision laser cutting is required for it.
  • PlanetCNC Extruder design uses a NEMA 17 stepper with planetary reductor, a more compact design compared to the original one.
  • Enclosure includes mounting holes for motor belt tensioner modification, Z switch adjustment modification.
  • Bottom side mounting holes for power supplies, stepper drivers.
  • Enclosure mounted mains IEC socket with a built in fuse and switch.
  • Mounting holes for cables.
  • Printers are fully stackable
The documentation includes:
  • Bill of materials 
  • Assembly instructions (Slovenian language only for now) 
  • Laser cut drawings

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