Mar 6, 2014

Terra Projects 3d printing building structures for extreme enviroments

From company site:
RIG is a rapidly deployable habitation that aims at allowing for an entirely autonomous living camp from Fabrication-to-Usage. This project has been reviewed by the Antarctic Support Contact; equal parts Lockheed-Martin & United States Antarctic Program; the Danish Consulate of New York and NASA/NSF funded CReSIS (Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets) and is set to change the way we think about creating architecture in remote regions on our planet.
The TERRA PROJECTS have looked at underlaying social ideas behind 3D printing; to shorten the supply chain between what people desire and what they can obtain. We assert that autonomy is at the societal root of 3D printing. The remoteness of the proposed RIG units (Greenland and Antarctica) begin to point toward the need within architecture to be fully self-sufficient and thus enlist 3D Printing and other autonomous fabrication techniques to make new components as necessary, on-site.

Here is some 3d printing with ice: