Mar 22, 2014

T.Black DLP 3D printer by Trimaker made in Argentina

South America is also developing more 3d printers. Here is T.Black DLP printer by Trimaker from Argentina.


  • Build volume: 180 x 235 x 180 mm
  • Positioning precision: 250 microns
  • Print speed: 20mm ~25mm / hour depending on the dye and the material.
  • Materials: rubber, rigid plastics and low viscosity plastic
  • Weight: 18kg
  • price: 38,720 Pesos ($4,936)

From company page:

The printer is T.Black based stereolithography technology - the selective polymerization of the liquid resin with light. Unlike other inexpensive printers like MakerBot and RepRap, the Trimaker printer does not use a power head for depositing material during the printing process. Instead of using a head, the T.Black constructed by drawing the print object layer by layer with an optical projection - each layer of the object is actually a photo of each cross section. For each layer, the Trimaker projecting a light pattern on liquid resin solidifies and thus the parts constituting the object. The remaining resin can then be used as input for the next printing.
More reliable technology.  T.Black technology is much more reliable because the control of complex mechanical movements is the part that usually fails. · High Resolution. Whether using light to build the object layer by layer allows a degree of much finer and more precise control. The resolution of your printer is more than 10 times higher than other inexpensive printers based on the technologies FDM (fused deposition modeling). The print resolution is one of the most important features that makes the difference between something with the quality of the prototype and the quality of the finished product and this is the main advantage of stereolithography technology. · Control of Color. use of liquid chemicals allows very flexible control of color printing. The user can change color very accurately by adding the proportion of dye which gives exactly the desired color. · Control of Multiple Properties. stereolithography process works with a variety of inputs. The designer can choose from a variety of materials with different degrees of hardness, density, transparency and other properties.

The fact that both the hardware, software and materials develop in the country, are a great advantage for our clients when thinking about the after sales service, spare parts, supplies and personalized attention. Delivery times, technical support and input supply is greatly reduced on options imported printers today are available in our market. Finally, being a company Argentina, we will make all our releases, product testing, lectures and trainings, first in this market.
I'm not sure what technology tehy are describing in "control of color" part ... probably just a single tone of color in the resin ..