Mar 16, 2014

Sneakerbots shoes printed in highly flexible Filaflex by Recreus

They look good, but probably wont' survive much walking  ...

From project page:
The new sneakers by Recreus printed in Filaflex 1.75mm.
During months we have investigated and work hard to develop the 1.75 mm filaflex format. Sneakerbots are the actual proof that shows filaflex works becoming in the most elastic filament on the market.
The sneakerbots by Ignacio Garcia are inspired by 80s films such us back to the future, starwars, short circuit etc.
Should be noted that the new design is more comfortables than first one. You can vary the softness changing the percentage of infill. The tongue makes that laces don´t hurt foot.
Hope you print them, wear them and be the coolest maker in your city!!

You can download the files for the shoes here: