Mar 27, 2014

Nomad modular and scalable 3d printable DIY drone

Nomad is project in development of modular 3d printable aircraft measuring one meter in wingspan powered by electric motor. Future versions will be up to 50% larger and able to carry a GoPro camera in their nose. 

Nomad is a project by CaptainObvious   

From project description:
This is the Nomad, a new design I'm working on for a travel UAV/FPV airplane. This version has a wingspan of almost one meter, so it's relatively small. After I've completed and test flown I plan to make a 30/50% larger version to carry a GoPro camera in the nose for aerial photography.
The airplane is meant to be modular, the nose and tail sections are joined to the center section with nylon screws, the wings and stabilizers are detachable and even the wing panels can be kept separate to simplify repairs and testing new design ideas.
  • The wing sections are meant to be printed in a "Spiral Vase" mode, the internal spars and/or printing settings should be adjusted so that the printing head makes the spars by moving in from the bottom of the wing until touching the inner surface of the top of the wing, so there is only one seam at the bottom.
  • I have carefully modeled the fuselage parts so that most of them will print as a two perimeter shell using a 0.4mm nozzle, except where more thickness is needed.
  • The wings need two carbon fiber tubes, 8 and 3 mm diameter, the stabilizer also uses a 3mm carbon fiber tube spar.
  • The plane will use one brushless motor mounted on the tail with a 6" propeller.
  • Things left to do: flaperons, rib between the straight wing panels and the tapered external panel, optional nose wheel, camera turret and internal brackets and supports for servos and electronics.

All files are available at:

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