Mar 16, 2014

New upgraded Rostock Max v2 kit by SeeMeCNC

From company page:
The NEW Rostock MAX v2 - The largest build envelope of any printer under $1,000! With everything you'll need to build a complete machine - every nut, bolt, wire and fastener – this is a true builder’s kit! The massive Onyx heated bed and super flat borosilicate glass build plate allow you to print more than just PLA.
From ABS to Taulman Nylon, you’re limited only by your creativity when it comes to printing.
From our incredibly simple and efficient EZStruder, to our SD Card-ready firmware, the MAX is simply the best value you’ll find anywhere. For those who also like to mod and upgrade, there is plenty of room for your creativity too. Our online community is second-to-none, and our loyal users LOVE to show off all the modifications they have made to their machines, share printing tips and tricks, and help troubleshoot if needed.

What’s new with the v2?
  • Re-designed hot-end platform and Delta arms and mounts for worry free assembly. No Sanding Required!
  • Lower parts count means faster assembly time
  • Top mounted spool holder shortens length between EZStruder and spool, and minimizes machine footprint.
  • New Base enclosures protect your electronics from dirt/dust, and give your kit a clean, attractive appearance
  • New Top design provides more rigidity for better prints, and easier assembly and calibration
These improvements are added to the already impressive list of standard components and features:
  • Over 1300 cubic inches of build volume (11" Diameter by over 14 1/2" height)
  • US Made - high quality, laser cut, injection molded, and CNC machined parts. All done by us, in house!
  • Our EZStruder and Hot-End set up for 1.75mm filament
  • High torque NEMA 17 stepper motors
  • Stock .5mm nozzle for easy printing. Easy to change to other available sizes
  • 450w ATX style power supply for safety and easy upgrades/replacements
  • RAMBo by UltiMachine electronics, the best available 3D printer controller
  • Positioning accuracy of .05mm
  • Speed up to 300mm/s in all motion, not just X/Y moves
  • Tinker-friendly electronics and hardware. Many extra places to add your own mods to both
  • Filament spool holder incorporated into the machine (for 1lb or 1kg spools only)
  • Onyx Heated Bed
  • Borosilicate Glass build plate for safety and precision
Here's what you will need to complete the assembly:
  • Appx. 20hrs. to assemble (time varies based on skill and any mods made during the assembly)
  • Standard Allen wrench set
  • Metric Allen Wrench Set
  • Needle nose and/or small pliers
  • Wire crimping tool or solder and solder iron
  • Standard and Phillips Screwdrivers
  • High Temp RTV silicone for retaining heating resistors/thermistor in hot-end, or High Temp expoxy

It is priced at USD 999

Reddit thread about it: