Mar 16, 2014

Maker Kase high end enclosure with thermostat

Maker Kase is marketed as "Universal Maker cabinet. Perfect for 3D printers, model makers, small CNC machines and open frame Bitcoin Miners". Enclosures and heated chambers are interesting and useful upgrade fro a 3d printer, they can be done in DIY fashion but it is good that something like Maker KAse is available.

They had an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, but looks like they are delivering it to the supporters:

Specifications of the Maker Kase:
  • Available in solid Stainless Steel or mild steel with White or Black Powder coat finish.
  • Top lifting panel to access cabinet from the top only. Handle is flush with top panel when not in use. Will be added in production
  • Front opening panel with clear plexiglass window to see what is printing. Handle is solid steel for years of operation.
  • Dual knock out panels in front of cabinet for personal customization.
  • One knockout is for a standard metal single gang electric box
  • One knockout is for a PID Thermostat Controller Model STC-1000
  • Each side of the cabinet has a 2” knockout panel for cables or venting.
  • Cabinet has 4 rubber feet to reduce vibrations and ensure a sturdy footprint.
  • Cabinet has a lock on the front door for security or accidental opening during printing.
  • All materials are ROHS compliant for environmental impact guidelines.
  • Cabinet weighs roughly 45lbs
  • Cabinet has basic dimensions of: 24” Wide x 22” High x 22” Deep
  • STC-1000 110v thermostat with each order included.