Mar 22, 2014

Lathon multifeatures 3d printer

Lathon is a 3d printer with several high-end features developed by Nohtal Alex Partansky, it supports:
  • Enclosed Build Volume
  • Air Filtration with carbon filter
  • Large High Quality Prints
  • Dual Nozzle Printing
  • Dissolvable Support
  • It can create overmolded prototypes
  • Multiple Materials
  • Standalone Printing
It should also be made open source after funding and development.

Lathon specifications:
  • Layer Resolution: up to 80 micron
  • Build Volume: 12"x9"x8" (305x230x200mm)
  • Air Filtration: Activated carbon
  • Frame Dimension: 25"x16.5"x25" (640x420x640mm)
  • Positioning Precision: X/Y/Z 6.25/6.25/<1micron
  • Print Speed: 30mm/s - 150mm/s
  • Travel Speed: 30mm/s - 200mm/s
  • Weight: Approx. 33lbs (15kg)
  • Filament Type (3mm): ABS, PLA, TPE, Nylon, HIPS, PVA, Carbon Fiber, Wood
  • Connection: Print via USB or without computer using on board control panel
  • Electronics: RUMBA board with Marlin Firmware
  • Motors: Nema 17 1.8° step with 1/32 microstepping
  • Power Supply: 450 Watt with 120VAC or 225VAC switching
  • Printbed is made out of Ultem 2300 that does not need any tape or ABS juice to function
  • Enclosed print chamber
  • Priced at USD 1900

Comparison of  Lathon vs. Replicator 2x vs. CubeX Duo

Lathon had a Kickstarter that at this time, 3 days before end, reached 60,000 USD of 80,000 USD goal.