Mar 8, 2014

Griffin scalable $500 Delta 3d printer

Griffin is scalable size printer, here is small and large printvolume versions

From Thingiverse description:
  • Designed from the ground up as a low cost, highly scalable delta printer. This printer has been built as small as carry on luggage size, up to an 18in wide print surface and is capable of larger.
  • Approximate cost is low to mid $500 range start to finish, including electronics for a basic model. Options can push it to around $600. It's easily constructed with common tools you probably already own (hacksaw or Dremel, allen keys, soldering iron and pliers.
  • Not a work in progress, this is a stable working printer design that has already built operational offspring. Keep in mind the design may further evolve and documentation is in progress.
  • More information is found at where the complete build is documented. Including B.O.M., tips, and assembly instructions.

Update (8.8.2014):

Griffin is on Kickstarter:

Three models in different sizes are available, here are the specs: