Mar 30, 2014

DIY 3d printer enclosure made from wood with hair dryer heating element

The enclosure developed by repkid is a simple wooden box made from thin MDF sheets and wooden beams structure. It is insulated by double-ply cardboard glued to the inside of the box. To prevent ABS warping it is heated by simple household hair dryer.

Parts printed inside the heated enclosure on the left, and ABS part printed without heated chamber on the right with warping.

The enclosure with printer inside it

Lasercut thermal vents. They can be done with simple hand tools also

Heater made from simple hair dryer

More advanced version of the enclosure with fumes extractor

Heated chambers for 3d printing are patented by some corporation and I'm not sure what implications patent law has on projects like this one ...

Project on RepRap wiki with more details:

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