Mar 18, 2014

Cura 14.03 with new Ultimaker 2 firmware released!

Ultimaker software just released Cura 14.03. Here is overview from Ultimaker blog:
Setting storage
One of the major changes is that the settings are now stored per machine instead of global for all machines. This means that if you have multiple printers you can keep the optimal settings for each printer with that printer.
TweakAtZ plugin
The “TweakAtZ” plugin has been added by default. This plugin has been made by Steve Morlock, Ricardo Gomez and Stefan Heule. Big thank you to them! Thanks to their community effort you can now change various settings like temperature and speed at certain heights. Giving more control on how your print is made.
New Ultimaker 2 firmware
For the Ultimaker2 a new firmware is supplied with Cura 14.03. This firmware adds a pause option in the tune menu. So you can pause a print on the Ultimaker2. It also contains fixes for a few small bugs that where reported.
Additional changes in Cura
  • Improved the LayerView rendering speed
  • LayerView now updates during slicing, so you can see the result before it is ready to print spotting problems early on
  • Selectable USB printing dialogs, from plugins, with default Basic and PronterfaceUI
  • Selection between new grid or line based support material
  • Added optional separate speeds for outer and inner shells
  • Added Z-Hop feature in the expert settings
  • Added setting to configure support material angle from the expert settings, giving better control on where support material is generated
  • Various small bugfixes improving print quality
Full features Ultimaker 2 firmware update
  • Added pause function during printing
  • Added material selection when changing material
  • Fixed the move material maintenance function
  • Fixed the led brightness on startup
  • Retraction settings are saved and restored on reset